Will this New Year be a gender equality era?

by | Jan 3, 2022 | Opini

Reporting from voi.id it was noted that cases of sexual harassment in 2021 increased by 2 times compared to 2020. Mean while, in electronic newspapers; news.detik.com stated that Komnas Perempuan received as many as 4500 complaints of sexual violence from January to October 2021. However, in the spike in cases, there are only 30% of regional policies that provide integrated services for them. Even though the existence of a psychologist counselor, free visa, and safe house are things that are needed for them(https://news.detik.com/).It shows that women’s concern is still considered unimportant matters.

It cannot be delayed; women as superior creatures are always in second place. This doctrine does not come suddenly. It already comes from hereditary tradition. This condition happens from patriarchal culture. The patriarchal culture and ideology have shaped the sex/gender system, which is the root of the oppression experienced by women. Patriarchy tends to emphasize the biological differences between men and women. Masculine men are always dominant over feminine women. Therefore, women become subordinates and objects. Therefore,they are an object that deserves to be abandoned

Through these conditions, it can be seen that women’s position is increasingly far from being equal. Whereas being a woman is no choice. It is a given from the God. If women choose, maybe all of them will choose to be men. The reason is, without a woman, then a man will not be formed. A nation will never exist, nor will it ever be created without a woman because a woman given a womb to conceive is either a man or a woman for ninemonths. Moreover,with the love of women, they can grow.There is no reason for underestimating women. A peaceful life is a right for all creatures,including them. One of thesignificant figures andnd a great ulama’ who is well known as Gus Dur also gives his opinion for gender equality. In the book entitled “Gus Dur di Mata Perempuan”, there is his perspective women are more pluralistic so that their analytical power is stronger than men in understanding life (https://swararahima.com).

This new year will also the lighting hope for them to have an equal position with men. Nomore discrimination, subordination, and abandonment. It is not easy, but it is not impossible to make it come true.It can be started from the little thing as like the parenting style. A husband and wife try to take care of the children together.There is nothing wrong with a husband helping his wife feed up the baby, change baby diapers, bathe the baby, play with the baby, etc. Doing these house works will never make men lose their dignity. Men have dignity, so do women.

Kami tiada mencari pelipur hati pada manusia. Kami berpegang teguh pada tangan-Nya. Maka hari gelap-gulita pun menjadi terang, dan angin ribut pun menjadi sepoi-sepoi.“(https://kumparan.com)

R. A Kartini

Penulis; Fiqih Aisyatul Farokhah, M.Sos